Thursday, January 19, 2017

Made it to Nadi Airport

We are checked in for our flight home. We took a ferry from LikuLiku to Nadi and a cab. The trip went off without any major problems,

The ferry stopped at several other islands and confirmed we found one that suited us.


The wheels are turning for next year...


Oh well, we missed the 2 o'clock ferry

Seems like a better plan to take the 4 o'clock

View from the room

This is looking out our doors this morning before a short rain storm came through.  Not only is the view beautiful, but it proves we don't always make a complete mess of our accommodations.  We skipped breakfast both mornings here, opting instead for tea, coffee, fruit from our evening canap├ęs service and gluten free cookies so we could enjoy the room.  Some of the best "fish watching" did not even require snorkeling.  All we had to do was sip our drinks and look over our railing.  The swallows are adorable and landed anywhere and everywhere within just a foot or so of us.  Mike had some fun changing up his skills with his camera from bird photography to fish photography; these were all taken from standing above.  We had to be out of our Bure by 11 am, but we can still enjoy the day here with lunch, boat drinks, breezes, and friendly staff.  The weather seems to be clearing nicely now, so hopefully our 2 pm ferry to Nadi will not be a repeat of our boat ride to Heron Island.  It is sad to leave overwater Bure #9, but we can hope to be back another time.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Other things

Good name, good wine.

A private island from the helicopter. Bula
We aren't really birding, but still like kingfishers especially if they are eating lizards.

Overwater Bure: the pictures tell the story


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Back in Fiji

We made it to LikuIiku. It's a small resort, the only one in Fiji with overwater bures.  Mike always wanted to stay in an overwater room and Bora Bora was too far out of the way.

They say getting there is half the fun, and in this case it was a three hour flight from Brisbane to Nadi and a 10 minute helicopter ride.  Yes, that's right, Chris got in a helicopter. As soon as she realized that it flew like a hummingbird, everything was fine.


The room is amazing and the views incredible.


So many islands

We still have room on our credit cards. We might stay a little longer.