Thursday, December 29, 2016

Birding at the waterfall

We were in search of the orange dove so we arranged a half day with our birding driver to a natural preserve.  Within the preserve are several villages, and each village has the responsibility of a specific feature that visitors come for, either waterfalls, marine life, or birding.  We never did find the orange dove, but our day was a delight still.  The banded rail was spotted by our driver on our way.  We met up with our birding guide, Simone from Lavena Village, who was more than happy to help Mike play with his toys - so he managed one camera and got the boat shot of us on the way to where we began the hike.  We should know better by now about boats - we jinx them.  In Brazil our boat broke down in the black river.  Here, we almost didn't have a return ride until the spark plugs were cleaned!  A little extra info - Simone did the entire hike barefoot!!  He has what he called "Fiji feet."  

On every trip, we run into goats, our favorite farm animal. IMG_4500  
Once out hiking we did find the wattled honey eater.  Nice bird, no wattle.  We saw the silktail for a second but got no clear photos.  It stays deep in the bush low and dark.
The kingfishers were cooperative, beautiful, and never hard to find.
And a great reward at the end of a long hike is a swim in the waterfall.
On the return hike we saw several of the collared Lorries - before we knew they were the kulas!

On the drive back we saw more red-breasted musk parrots.


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