Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mission accomplished, on to Australia with a stop in Nadi

We did indeed finish that bottle of rum just in case anyone was wondering.  


We got up early on our last morning and did some great birding along the road even before check out. Chris finally got to see the male of the Vinakoro broadbill. 

Then we had a late breakfast, met some of the new guests, and passed along our unopened mixers and recommended the bounty rum. Coconut Grove has only three cottages so it's very intimate and you can easily meet the other guests. During breakfast a brown booby flew close in which was a nice treat. 

The lovely staff sang us our departure song and off we went to Head for our flight to Australia. 

We had time between connections in Nadi to make a visit to a botanical garden and birding hotspot, The Gardens of the Sleeping Giant.



The birding was also interesting.  Both the bulbuls and the lorries ate flowers from the trees. The bulbul fed them to its baby too. It's a wonder there are any flowers left.

The mynas were snacking on papaya.


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