Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Could it be?

They say turtles lay their eggs on the same beach they are born.  Once hatched, the baby turtles crawl their way from the sand to the sea and they spend 20-25 years at sea before reaching maturity, finding a mate, and returning to the beach where they are born to dig a nest and lay eggs.  The crawl to the sea is dangerous with sea gulls and terns swarming down to eat the baby turtles.   So, in 1993, Chris and the kids protected some baby turtles from the gulls and carried them to the sea.


Now, two decades later we return to Heron Island.  Mike got up early one morning to find a turtle knocking against our door.  
Could it be the same turtle Chris saved  years ago? Is it possible the grateful turtle came back to see Chris again?


We can't be sure, but it certainly looks like it.


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