Thursday, January 12, 2017

Silver Gull Family

I think I should let Chris tell this story. Well, we both found them extremely amusing, but maybe Mike just thinks this should be told from a mother's perspective? The mother gull would be resting on our porch or lawn, and these nearly full grown chicks would annoy her begging to be fed. She would run away every time, and they just didn't seem to be learning it was time to get a job and take care of themselves. She was actually very patient considering how many times we saw them chase her around our villa every day we were there. Much squawking from both parents was also used to try and give them the message with no luck. One afternoon our canapé service included oysters, so since neither of us are that fond of them, we decided to help mom out. She graciously let the two chicks have both with none for herself. Yes, we know it's a little bad to be feeding, but it was oysters, not cookies, and we didn't give them any champagne at least!


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