Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Goodbye Brisbane


We are in the lounge waiting for our flight to Fiji. Two days there before returning to California.

A few silly things that made us laugh:

One day, when heading out for birding, Chris said "My watch stopped."  It hadn't, we were leaving at 5:00am.  Pretty impressive time to be up and ready for a retiree who likes to stay in bed till 7 at home.

In a rain forest, Chris asked Mike if  he was eating a cough lozenge.  He wasn't; there were just a lot of Eucalyptus trees around!

One evening, after a particularly busy day and a switch of regions and hotels, Mike asked Chris where she woke up that day, but she couldn't answer.  She had to always concentrate hard to drive on the correct road side; this was too much to process.

While having lunch in Lamington National Park while Mike was eating a lamington for dessert in fact, a family of several noisy children sat next to us.  It was hard to be irritated by them after one little one said to the other, "Why are you so mean - AND you have gum in your hair."  

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