Monday, January 16, 2017

We diverted to the Gold Coast

It's beautiful!!
We made the decision to leave Songbirds on the mountain one day early.  This gave us an opportunity to see the Gold Coast, which was only about 30 minutes out of our way.  Since our bird guide had told us how the lifeguard stations have these clubs open to the public at each one, we found a listing of best foods at each one.  We selected the one at Mermaid Beach for a barramundi dish with coconut rice and bok choy, and it turned out to be a section of the large Gold Coast we liked quite a bit.

  There were fewer high rise buildings there than some areas and it had easy access and was not crowded.  Not much of this beautiful coastal area did look overly crowded at all actually - it's quite long, beautiful, and impressive.  The sky was blue, the water was stunning, so after our delicious lunch we took a nice beach walk keeping cool with our feet at water's edge. 

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