Monday, January 16, 2017

A cozy dinner in . . . . . .

The restaurant at Songbirds is lovely - this is not a photo of it!  It is only open for dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  We knew we would be out all day on Monday with our bird guide and get back tired and hungry, so we had done some shopping in anticipation of this.  What we didn't anticipate was finding that great bottle of wine on the mountain, or the Coles store brand of butter chicken to be soooooo good, or us being so "us" as captured in this photo; empty wine glass, wires everywhere, Chris relaxing with feet up after hours hiking.  There are only six villas here on 50 some acres, and we seemed to be the only guests that evening, so we had a nice evening stroll around the statues and gardens before our feast. It's magical and we had it all to ourselves.  It was a great night after a beautiful day!  (Oh, the villa is quite pretty as well even with our stuff strewn about.)

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