Monday, January 16, 2017

Songbirds Rainforest Retreat

We selected Songbirds Rainforest Retreat for our last treat in Australia. It suited us perfectly. It was just an hour away from Brisbane, an international hub airport, it was in the Rainforest with interesting birds and other wildlife, it was small and had a very good restaurant, one of the best in the Brisbane area.

Below is our favorite table for dinner, quiet with a view into the gardens.

We really needed to relax after running around in Cairns and Heron Island.  

We don't know what this plant was but every time we walked by it we were greeted by a beautiful aroma.


We could never figure out what this kookaburra had in its mouth.  Chris was hoping it was a frog; one less she would have to avoid on the walk back to the villa after dinner.  We finally decided maybe it was just nesting materials or juveniles just playing around since we saw another single one on the ground mouthing a stick.

The statues were an added bonus.  While out strolling we were looking at birds primarily, so it wasn't until the last morning when Chris noticed this one seemed to be an abstract of a yoga pose.  The back side showed something vertebral looking, inspiring a good spinal stretch.  Chris wanted Mike to get the statue from the front, but there was a pademelon wallaby up in the background that he wanted to include as well.  They seemed to be the only ones who didn't want us wandering around interrupting their munchings!

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