Monday, January 16, 2017

Birding in Lamington National Park

We hired a guide to take us out for a day of birding.  He picked us up at 5 am for a drive from Songbirds to Lamington National Park.
It's a large park one mountain range away from Tambourine.

On the way up, we saw several pretty-faced wallabies.  That is their real name, but they are also called whiptail. Both names are pretty accurate.

We stopped at a fig tree outside the park first and saw many birds including the Regent Bowerbird.
A Golden Whistler and a Black-faced Monarch were also present.

Lamington is one of the few places to see Albert's Lyrebirds and our guide found one for us.  This required being well off the walking track into dense woods, a little tough on those that don't like frogs and creepy stuff, (Chris) but definitely worth it!

He was also useful in getting Mike closer to a varigated fairy-wren.  Chris had good looks at one at a prior bird outing on our own, but Mike didn't get a good photo that time.

Some of the birds at Lamington are too used to people and expect hand-outs.  Chris was really surprised when a white-browed scrubwren flew onto her outstretched hand as she was pointing to show how close they were to us.

The Crimson Rosella was actually a bit of a pest at lunch trying to get our food.  Some people at another table fed one a French Fry.
On the drive back our guide, Barry, told us about the life saving surf club restaurants all along the Gold Coast so we tweeked our plans a bit to include a half day there.

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